Our 31st show: Monday 7th January @ 5pm

Radio AvA’s very first show of 2019 will broadcast live from a mystery location in Scotland. Local legends and co-conspirators will chat about hot issues and frosty prospects and play eclectic tunes, while the southern pansies mix drinks, make inappropriate comments, and fiddle with cables. On this show: - ‘Workers!’ A studio interview with the co-creators and protagonists of the film by Petra Bauer, Edinburgh-based non-profit Collective, and Scottish Sex workers rights organisation SCO...

Our 30th show: today, Friday 14th December @ 4pm

The Avas are not feeling festive. Those singing brats in the street are a divine sign that we gonna be real skint. And don’t get us started on glitter abuse and patriarchal consumerist orgies. Or say, the crusades. So we’ll do our damnedest to share the loathing and cheer ourselves up with nasty topics, hard-core fluff, nutty sweetmeats, and se...

The November show is up: https://www.mixcloud.com/avaradio/

Our Nov show is up! Revolting Prostitutes. Auntie Wussy on hair and civi encounters. Documentary films ‘Scarlet Road’ vs ‘Yes, We Fuck!’ Tytania on the outer reaches of porn & the S.C.U.M manifesto. The truth about V for Vendetta. Apocalyptic wankers. A killer play list.


Our 29th show: tomorrow, Friday 9th November @ 5pm

Radio AvA’s post bonfire night show, well stoked with explosive topics and revolutionary fetishes: - ‘Yes, but is it sex?! In the outer reaches of porn: fetish and obscenity.’ Salient morsels from the packed talk by Itziar Bilbao Urrutia, aka Ms Tytania at Not The Anarchist Bookfair. More

Our 28th show: Friday 26th October @ 2:30pm

Just as we were learning to unionise while dirty talking in the studio last month, wonderful shit was going down elsewhere in the UK. Our bright and early October live broadcast will feature juicy chunks from that sex workers’ actions packed weekend, an extra filthy play-list, and banging ho narratives: - Rewriting the Future of Sex Work, a community symposium held...

Our 27th Show: Friday 21st September @ 1pm

With a busy day of a demo and a Decrim meeting we will do our show earlier than usual at 1pm. We will call in to the demo for the international day of action for Vanessa Campos. We have Gia from Glasgow to talk about UVW (United Voices of the World) organising, strike success and the recent strip club raid.  Another stunning story from 'Resilient and Resisting'.  Sound bites from Liad Hussein Kantorowicz's performance PUSSY, staged last month as part of the Berlin Biennal.  To keep hearts and mi...