A subversively lavish show featuring:

Sound bites and interviews from the performances of ‘Traumboy’ by the sex worker Daniel Hellmann http://www.daniel-hellmann.com/en/projects/traumboy vs the abolitionist ‘The Game’ at SICK! festival in Brighton.

A studio interview with Jacob V Joyce, an artist/activist using illustration, afrofuturism, fashion and punk music to create unsafe spaces for systemic oppressions. Their work includes Alphabetical Anthologies of White Liberal Proverbs, clothes that clap back at heteronormative hegemony and dancey, decolonial, queer punk vibes of Screaming Toenail!  http://jacobvjoyce.com/ https://screamingtoenail

ECP with a news bulletin, info from their symposium report and latest fact sheet, a report from the day of action against benefit sanctions, a round up of most pressing cases including Romanian sex workers fighting deportation, and whistleblowers in prison for reporting violence. Clips from a recent panel discussion featuring academic and campaigner Ntokozo Yingwana of SWEAT (Cape Town), film producer Clare Cottrell of Make Mum Safer, and International Women’s Strike. http://prostitutescollective.net/

Lola Love with ‘The Interludes: Introducing……femmage’. The first of a series of podcasts in the form of sonic collages, exploring the gaps, holes, omissions and missing pieces. Rage/ Lola Love on The Interludes ‘We are either taking up too much space or we are missing. What does it mean to take up space whilst we are missing? What does it mean to step out of the margins, shut down the white noise for a temporary moment and actually listen. What does it mean to be surviving and thriving? Comprising of interviews, discussions, readings, lyrics, samples, sound bites and tunes, these audio interventions are testament to the belonging/ non-belonging that queer and trans people of colour, are constantly faced with.’ www.rajurage.com

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