This Friday 12/5/2017 will be Radio AvA’s 12th broadcast. Which makes it our official Birthday show!

We will mark one year of our free sex workers radio with an open studio and a jingles jam: playing and debating the merits of different tunes. Be warned: we might go as far as attempting to record a jingle live!

No idea how successful this will turn out to be. But success is a neo liberal concept. SO f*uck it.

Come join us at the Common house this Friday 12 May. We will be broadcasting from 6pm, and toasting to our health at 7pm.

Drinks and nibbles (crunch crunch…) will also feature.

If you can’t make it in the flesh, you can still send us tunes to (MP3/ WAV) or play / sing / chant your DIY jingle on our voice mail 07513685631.

Apart from the birthday shenanigans, this show will feature differently substantial content:

English Collective of Prostitutes with a field report from SWOU/ now SWARM’S festival of resistance in Glasgow, with clips from the Sex Worker Opera; a discussion of the upcoming snap general election, what you can do and which MPs support decriminalisation; and… claims from Nordic Model Now and other supporters of criminalising clients, how they have become more outlandish and what you can do to counter them ;  a review and sound bite from the film ‘No Human Involved’ ; a documentary addressing the issues of sex workers and the industrial prison complex, tracing the causes, effects and significance of the death of Marcia Powell in an Arizona prison, including Radio AvA’s interview with the film maker, PJ Star.

a audio preview on

Catch up with our shows in the past year on

Tune in this Friday 12 May @ 6p, or drop by at 7pm.