A balmy summer show with lots of stimulating and infuriating substance to sink your teeth into, and some juicy cocky bits. Featuring:

*Disturbingly ravishing music created and curated by Nekrobot https://soundcloud.com/nekro-bot.

*The English Collective of Prostitutes and Radio AvA hosting Oa Muangjan, Nang Mai and Liz Hilton from Empower Foundation, http://www.empowerfoundation.org/index_en.html a sex workers’ collective in Thailand. Empower focuses on campaigning, advocacy and public education including through art and performance, exposing the injustice of the laws and how criminalisation makes sex workers more vulnerable to exploitation and less safe. Empower will also launch the new editions of their notorious Bad Girls Dictionary on this show!

* Reports from the Murder and Mental Health in Sex Work Symposium at the London school of hygiene & tropical medicine.

* A sound bite from Ken Loach discussing the sex worker character in his film ‘I, Daniel Blake’, and our fascinatingly polarised impressions of it.

* ECP’s raids and arrests news round-up. http://prostitutescollective.net/

Tune in this Friday 14th July @ 6pm!

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