On this summer of outrage show we are delighted to host an episode of Nine Eglantine Yamamoto-Masson News From The Sun.
Nine interviewed Peiyu Kuo of COSWAS (Collective Of Sex Workers And Supporters) in Taipei, conducted in WenMeng House, a historical heritage site and former municipal brothel that was the nexus of the movement for sex workers rights of the 1990s. Peiyu gives a short history for the Taiwan sex workers rights movement from 1987 to today and illuminates the intersections in the Taiwanese sex workers rights movement.
The live broadcast will feature: the spunky and ruthless Wankers’ Corner; a news round up of the latest sanctioned attacks on sex workers and premises in the UK; a field report from the vigil for Rashan Charles; totally wrong tunes and why we love them; thoughts on google and sex worker gender equality, and another instalment in the Ava’s increasingly inappropriate work playlist.

Tune in tomorrow, Friday 18th August @ 4pm

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