This month we are ecstatic to host Pandora / Blake with an extra special show about DIY queer porn.

If you can’t find porn that represents people like you and the sex you have, why not make it yourself? That’s what these shining stars of the UK queer porn scene are doing. They’re trans, non-binary, slutty and proud, and they’re making authentic smut by queers, for queers.

Genderqueer porn maker Pandora / Blake talks to independent performer-producers including Blath, Cookie Cosmos and the brand new Sluts4Sluts Collective. Tune in to find out about porn politics, the impact of criminalisation, and how DIY porn subverts stereotypes and engages in radical representation. Along with steamy audio teasers, this show will whet your appetite to taste more of the queer porn being made in the UK right now by independent sex workers.


ECP will bring us back to the harsh realities of prosecution and stigma with with a news round-up on police raids and arrests of sex workers across the UK and what we can do about it. Report backs and sound clips from events at the Labour Party Conference and The World Transformed conference, a new book on prostitution calling for the criminalisation of clients and update from our sisters in empower Thailand.

Also on this show: Sound bites from Ombre Rosse –  the fresh and fierce sex workers organisation in Rome;  Sex workers’ interactions with the police and the law in East London, and lots of kick ass and highly inappropriate music.

Tune in tomorrow, Friday 20th October @ 3pm on