Spring is in the air and Ava have been a busy trollop. On this (slowly) picking show:

Louise Harcourt hits the streets of Soho to find out what people know and think about current laws, armed with her book of hard facts; Sex workers swarm the roads on the 8th of March tooled up with a generator, fiercely sassy spirits, and lots of happy grinding music https://strike4decrim.org/; Pandora / Blake illuminates the murky world of impending age verification legislation, it’s nebulous implantation and what the fuck you can do about it http://pandorablake.com/blog; A Clip from the performer Liv Fontaine; The English Collective of prostitutes with a news round-up, Niki Adams at the Beyond the Gaze conference in Manchester and actions on International Women’s Day http://prostitutescollective.net/; Sex workers TV review, bed time stories, Wrong Ho tunes and right- on tracks.

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