This month Radio AvA is turning two years old. Rather shocking, right?

We’ll toast to our continued survival and ill humour live on web, play birthday tunes, and be merry, but fear not, you won’t be subjected to three solid hours of ho banter.

This show will feature:

– lots of Feminist queer porn, including sound bytes from the premier of the film Fucking Against Fascism and Sluts4sluts collective 1st Bday and interviews with Courtney Troubles, Chelsea Poe and Disco Tits about the politics of porn in contemporary US and how to make porn collectively; a retrospective for Pandora / Blake at the London queer film festival, with insights about feminist porn making and how to handle increasingly hostile UK legislation censuring feminist and queer sexual representations.

– An overview of the new US anti -sex workers legislation SESTA / FOSTA and how it effects us.

Many thanks to those who contributed to this month’s segment on SESTA / FOSTA legislation and how it does and may further affect us.

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The Best Practices Policy

Who Will Be Harmed By This ”Sex Trafficking” Legislation?


Sadie Slyfox in Overland Journal

SESTA: An Attack on Sex Workers’ Safety


And here’s a list of decentralized and privacy prioritizing alternatives to popular US based web services:

Mastodon, a Twitter alternative which contains an ‘instance’ called Switter that is already gaining patronage from service providers and service users alike

– ECP with news of feminist slurs and sex bots; the Home Office funded research into the sex industry; are “brothels being given the green light by police as long as sex workers are safe”; Rachel from US PROS on opposition to a California law which would criminalise sex workers sharing safety tips and helping each other.

– Radio B Easy: Reading and illustrating ‘London Triptych’ by Jonathan Kemp.

– Reflections on our relationships with long term clients and processing work related grief.

– Auntie Wussy Pillow: your brazen tea & bikkies addict sex workers’ agony aunt.

– How to survive close encounters with abolitionists.

– Our beloved Wankers’ Corner, where time wasters, misguided and terrible clients are monthly ripped to shreds, will be juxtaposed with the new Keepers’ corner, where we speak about clients who earned a gold star.

Lots of wrong ho and right on birthday songs.

Got a tune you fancy, a question for auntie, a wanker, a keeper?

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