Radio AvA’s sunny May broadcast, with thunder and brimstone intervals and much shooting the breeze. On this show:

– Ho TV on HBO’s series ‘Westworld.’ Trigger warning: has sex bots in it.

– Auntie Wussy Pillow: your flat-out sex workers’ agony aunt.

– ECP with news on latest raids and arrests, news from sex workers across Europe, a report from the International Committee for the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe and why we are opposing Brighton Council’s Violence Against Women and Girls strategy which includes prostitution as violence.

– Radio B Easy: Juicy bits from Kathy Acker’s ‘Pussy, King of the Pirates’.

– A sex worker’s Mayday in Glasgow.

– Wankers’ corner: An epic wanker, who also brought his mother.

– Keepers corner: where we pet unicorn clients.

– Wrong ho songs, and a truly wicked play list by a secret musical consultant.

Got a track you fancy, a question for auntie, a wanker, a keeper?

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