Radio AvA’s very first show of 2019 will broadcast live from a mystery location in Scotland.

Local legends and co-conspirators will chat about hot issues and frosty prospects and play eclectic tunes, while the southern pansies mix drinks, make inappropriate comments, and fiddle with cables.

On this show:

– ‘Workers!’ A studio interview with the co-creators and protagonists of the film by Petra Bauer, Edinburgh-based non-profit Collective, and Scottish Sex workers rights organisation SCOT-PEP, and a recording form the opening night with Molly Smith and Silvia Frederici.

– Wankers and keepers.

– Which union should sex workers join?  GMB and UVW activists debate pros and cons of their favourite union in the studio.

– First time stories.

– The Transgender Persons Bill in India: An interview with Gee Imaan, a trans rights activist from india, criticising the new proposed bill and Indian trans and sex workers related issues.

– Aunty Wussy Pillow, everyone’s favourite sex worker agony aunt.

– History Acts 13: Voices from a the radicalising history public workshop at Birkbeck university, London, were sex workers rights activists from the SWARM and Decrim Now chatted with the historians Julia Laite, author of ‘Common Prostitutes and Ordinary Citizens: Commercial Sex in London, 1885-1930 ‘ and Kate Lister, curator of the online research project, ‘Whores of Yore’.

– Radio B-Easy
– The intergalactic launch of some jingles.

Tune in Monday 7th January @ 5pm on / LIVE

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