The only good thing about February is that it’s over in 28 days. And we haven’t even mentioned the B word yet. To distract ourselves during those chilling times we banged together a show with extra special guests, twisted tunes, burning questions, family values and science fiction, all for your sluggish diversion.


– An oral history story from Resilient & Resisting

– A live studio interview with D. Hunter, author of the book ‘Chav Solidarity’, which picks apart the lived experiences of the author as a child sex worker, teenage crack addict, violent thug and community activist to examine the ways in which our classed experiences shape the ways in which we think and do our politics.


– Cheryl chatting to her small town northern family, post Christmas dinner, about what’s it like to have a sex worker daughter.

– A conversation with Strippers Union member Nadia and trade union activist Shiri Shalmy from United Voices of the World, who will discuss the campaign to unionise workers in the sex industry. We will hear about the group’s first successful claims against clubs, made as part of a campaign to establish strippers’ workers’ rights and demand fair pay and conditions for all. We will discuss the legal context, the organising challenges and the opportunity strippers now have to transform the industry through collective action.


– Auntie Wussy Pillow answering your pressing sex work questions.

And all your favourite regulars : Wankers Corner, Radio B Easy and First Time Stories.

Tune in to LIVE Friday 8th February from 4pm, or Podcast-binge in your own sweet time on