All hyped up after dancing in the rain with thousands of sex workers and other impudent feminists of all genders on International Women’s Strike, Ava brings you the sighs and sounds from choice 8th March actions across London.

Listen to the occupying of not one but two fortresses of evil before breakfast, picketing the bank of England, repossessing greater Soho, and stripping for decrim on the Eros Fountain.

If this wasn’t enough to make you tingle all over, we’ll also cram into this throbbing show:

– Wankers’ Corner: Already spewing on some heinous specimens. Got any keepers?

– Sex workers activism and realities in Israel-Palestine in the shadow of the recently inflicted Nordic Model: A field report courtesy of Ayellet from Argaman and an undercover Ava.

-Auntie Wussy: Ava’s audacious agony aunt sorts out your pestering sex work problems.

– The return of the English Collective of Prostitutes news digest.

– Radio B easy: Our homage to fictional whores and bookish pros.

– First time stories: We all have a few. Why don’t you tell us yours?

We’ll dish out most of this and much random shit to the drum of Ava’s rubble rousing playlist.

Tune in to LIVE Friday 15th March from 4pm, or bite your proverbial nails till we post the podcast on