Three years ago, Radio AvA radio emerged, slightly distorted, into the world.

Astonishingly, we’re still here, chattier then ever. Let’s celebrate together!

We would have loved to have you pop in again in the flesh, but Ava has grown so much that we can hardly squeeze into our closet-studio. So, Tune in to join the party.


We’ve got a lush spread of birthday treats:

– The Avas first time stories: Where you get to hear all about our fledglings’ whoring misadventures.

– An interview with Nalini Jameela. Holly and Mavie chat to the sex worker, activist, family-maker, documentary-maker from Kerala, South india. Nalini is also a best-selling author, and decided to share her life story in book titled The Autobiography Of A Sex Worker written in the local language of Kerala, and subsequently translated into many languages. It became a best-seller and has lead to notoriety and two more publications. She is 64 and has a voracious appetite for creating change and generating platforms for the personal stories of sex-workers.

– Auntie Wussy: AvA’s sex worker agony aunt answering your most perturbing questions.

– Naked Anthropologist News: The world premier of a spanking news round up from the many worlds of sex work, plucked from cyberspace by Laura Augustine and read by Gia.

– Come Together. Songs and wrap-up thoughts about intersectional dialogues, gatekeepers, invisible stigma and respectability politic, from the Resilient & Resisting project.

– A SWERF’s Rap: Debuting AvA’s new cult anthem.

– History Whores: the launch of a new geeky segment, dedicated to sex worker’s history. Opening with Jax and Eris delving into the ECP archive and plucking juicy goodies from the dawn of times. Well, the seventies and eighties.

– Wankers vs Keepers corner: Less of the former and more of the latter please, it being our birthday. Crowned by “What it’s like to be a client? A keeper reveals all.”

– Pornographic playlist: In solidarity with the London Porn Film Festival opening on Friday despite being hounded by undead SWERFs, curated by Ant.Enna.

Tune in to LIVE, Friday 26th April from 2pm, or mope till we post the podcast on