The grand opening of AvA’s terrible three beautiful birthday: Personal first time stories from Mavie, Ant.Enna, Eris, and Pussy. Come Together: songs and wrap-up thoughts about intersectional dialogues, gatekeepers, invisible stigma and respectability politics from the Resilient & Resisting project A porno-cinematic playlist in solidarity with the SWERFs ridden London Porn Film Festival.

Naked Anthropologist News – launching news from the many worlds of sex work, collated & interpreted by Laura Augustin and read by Gia. Headlines:

Amsterdam sex workers angry at red light district tours ban]

Lap dances now unlawful, State Attorney warns of “slippery slope”’]

Evelin contra Goliat’ – Evelin against Goliath]

How Online Sex Work Is Changing Singapore’s Red Light District]

Exploited at every turn: The lives of Italy’s Chinese prostitutes]

You ignored us, now we will ignore you]

Stories about comfort women not accurate]

Sex workers can be demanding about research done with them!]

Do you really really hate Andrea Dworkin or secretly agree with a lot of what she wrote – or maybe both?]

Stallone Talks His Excitement For Final Rambo]

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