Part 1: the ‘Licensing of sexual entertainment venues consultation’ and how it is threatening the livelihoods of Scottish dancers. More info and harm-reduction action here:

Highlights from the by Scot-PEP and Arika Scot Decrim Now conference panels ‘what impact do different legal frameworks around sex work have on sex workers and our safety?’ and the ‘Sex Work is Work’.

Spontaneous chats about our experience whoring in different contexts, coming out to parents, and being constantly questioned about why a worthy person would ever work as a whore.

Part 2: An interview with Nini from Ombre Rosse about realities in Italy for local and migrant sex workers, Scottish Decrim Now panel ‘Intersections between Sex work and Migration’. ECP local and international news and news from the Naked Anthropologist Laura Agustin NNN links:

New York: Transgender activists Marsha P. Johnson, Sylvia Rivera to be honored in monument.

Mexico City: To decriminalize sex work, eyes steps to cut trafficking

Thailand: Historic red-light district in Bangkok to be remodelled in the style of England’s bucolic Cotswolds.

This and more on:

Part 3: Fantastic slogans and jingles to be make by an Indian ally train in cl. Adi on the corrupt & violent Scottish police, harmfully good clients and the impossible demand always feel the same about your job and self. Auntie Pussy answers Mavie’s and Parsley’s questions about the doubles etiquette and parental CCTV in one’s head while working. Scot Decrim Voxpops.

And: are you happy?