Back in our not so secret Tower Hamlets lair, Ava brings you the last live broadcast of this sunny scarcity summer, bending our minds to ponder hotly contentious matters.

On this show:

– News from the many worlds of sex work plucked from cyberspace by the Naked Anthropologist, Laura AgustĂ­n, and read by Gia.

– How to deal with partners who worry about our work and outing ourselves, effecting THEM?

– An interview with Padma – a Karnataka sex worker activist.

– Radio B Easy: excerpts from fictional works written by or containing whores.

– Trending on Twitter: can adult entertainers and escort services sue internet payment processors for discriminatory conduct?

– Wankers’ Corner: sharing and shaming vile or amusing time wasters and bad clients.

-‘Stevies Story’ – spoken word.

– Sex workers and the media: lay-hos chat about how to handle the journalists descending upon us. Ignited by recent events involving young sex workers and a famous British documentary maker.

– Auntie Wussy: your sex workers agony aunt. Live from her Royal Mile hustle at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

– Playlist by Ant.Enna and an original musical contribution from MUTANTA.

Tune in to LIVE, Friday 23rd August from 3pm, or check out the podcasts uploaded the following week (ish) on