Our 40th show: Tomorrow, Thursday 31st October @ 1pm

Radio AvA’s Samhain show, dedicated to the scores of clients' relatives suddenly rushed to hospital, and starting practically the crack of dawn, so we can bagger off to snarl at people. On this show: - AW survival stories and handy tips. - Debra Watson (Poetry Brothel, The Bloody Poets, The Crimson Word) with an intimate poetry performance on the themes of desire, mythology, twisted fairytales, gentrification and the climate crisis/collapse. -No Bad Women, rape on trial: an audio peep i...

Our September show is now up on https://www.mixcloud.com/avaradio/

Listen to Radio AvA’s 39th show, recorded at a worker’s flat in north London over home made pastries, borscht, and a sinkful of dildos. This was our second pop-up show, and a tasty experiment in portable sex workers podcasts formats. Fear not! We will be back streaming your beloved tech-fuck-up rich live show late October. More