Listen to Radio AvA’s 39th show, recorded at a worker’s flat in north London over home made pastries, borscht, and a sinkful of dildos.

This was our second pop-up show, and a tasty experiment in portable sex workers podcasts formats. Fear not! We will be back streaming your beloved tech-fuck-up rich live show late October.


Part I

Jezebel’s Comedy: a sex workers comedy nights launched in September at Grow Tottenham, North London.

Part II

ECP news. A revolting 1st time story. Hands On sex workers skill-shares. Ask Auntie Wussy: our sex workers Agony Aunt. Radio B Easy: excerpts and critiques of whores in literature.

Part III

‘Ask a Stripper’ from Gypsy Charms and Stacey Clare at Edinburgh Fringe. Wankers vs Keepers Corner.