The last show of 2019 and radio AvA’s first session in our new digs: Dissident Island’s underground studio in Whitechapel. Vibrating with excitement at the prospect of a mic for every ho, we hustled up a rocking maiden broadcast.

– Sexquisite. An earful of fierce Feminist fun from an East London event celebrating the talents of artists who work in the sex industry and challenging stigma. With Carmen Ali, Effigy of Chaos, Bunny Boileure, Luci Morningstar, Bambi Bang Ban, Cinderella Jewels, Daria, a poem from Maedb and a pop-up strip club.

– A first time story from Darwin, Australia.

– Sex workers news. From the English Collective of Prostitute and the Naked Anthropologist Laura Agustin.

Wankers VS keepers corner. Where deplorable time wasters are shared and shamed and golden clients get a biscuit.

– Sex workers spoken word performance ‘I Know Men’.

Radio B Easy. Beloved and hateful whores in literature.

Auntie Wussy Pillow, your ginger-nut addict sex worker agony aunt.

– Volatile music.


Tune in to LIVE, Thursday 5th December @ 2pm, or savour the podcasts uploaded on the following week-ish.