Welcome to our 43rd show – the sex workers’ Brexit survival manual.

Bloody Brexit is, technically, happening. While Ava does not weep for that looted gold star, we’ve been in a bit of a state since the clock struck 11pm on Friday. Apart from an urge to smite all systems and individuals who brought us here and fearing to open our mouths on the train, this merry gang of hos is also beset by paralysing confusion.

We really need to know what do migrant sex workers – EU citizens and EU legislation reliant – have to do or avoid doing from now on to continue working and living in the UK with minimum hustle, and what’s the score for British workers on the big bad continent?

Many of us are conducting our affairs as informally as possible – and for a good reason: it’s the sensible thing to do, sex workers being so massively stigmatised. Others do sex work to avoid officialdom. Some of us have been doing everything by the book, but now wonder if this is enough, or maybe, too much. And what’s the deal if our status here depends on eutopian partners?

Don’t freak! We have summoned to our bunker Joseph, an immigration lawyer and staunch sex workers supporter to answer all your Brexit questions.

Our secret legal adviser will be aided and abated by Laura Watson from The English collective of Prostitutes, who collated inside information from migrant sex worker’s cases about what crap the police and home office might try to throw your way as an excuse for deportion, and last but not least: by our shared experience and street smarts.

Ava hopes to emerge from the subterranean cage with fistful of solid answers and handy tips.

Also on this show:

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– Something happy- making: Voices from the first ever ‘Sex and Rage!’ a new event led by real sex educators, sex workers and activists, which took over a grand building in central London earlier this winter, working to create social change through sex education, reduce stigma and shame around sex, give space for people to explore their desires and sexual autonomy and address sexual assault and harassment.

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– A turbulent playlist in keeping with the zeitgeist by Gia & crew.

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