Last month we cheered ourselves up after a super heavy Brexit survival special chatting about what will sex workers bring to the apocalypse. Freakishly, the diverting brothel game has now turned into a reality which feels like something spawned in 1980s genre fiction.

So this month’s show is a bare-knuckled (cause we’re running out of gloves) group rant about how sex workers are surviving the corona pandemic.

To help us all ride this out, the Avas had sensibly panic-shopped quarantine booze, and will gather in the disinfected bunker to vent, plot and share stories from our ho-mates abroad and news about sex workers community support. Likely also tackling pertinent questions such as: alternative ways to sex work in times of pandemic and how the fuck to manage if you can’t hustle online; silver linings (did someone say no kissing allowed? Remember that client that REALLY deserved to die?); and widely diverse views on where this is going and what’s a ho to do about it.

Tune in on tomorrow, Thursday 19 March @3:30pm, or listen from the comfort of your lock-down on as well a new and exciting platforms to come.