Our first ever London Lockdown show, live from the garden of pestilent delights.

A daring experiment in making socially distanced radio, bringing hos together for that extra intimate isolation experience.

On this show:

– Sex workers telling us how’s life where they are now and what’s the strangest thing they did / thought this week.

– On sex workers (lack of) access to public funds, and over exposure to fines.

– The sex workers phone exchange project Dial Tone.

– Girls on Film: a review and sneak preview from the viral sex workers film club.

– The harlot’s progress: How I tried to get on Universal Credit.

– How and if we can sell remote sex.

– Unrepentant trollops’ rant: how to navigate lockdown.

– Happy news: An interview with Sonia, who won the Stripper’s union case and worker statues after being wrongfully dismissed.

– The last job we did, lost, or declined.

– Tea and ginger nuts with auntie Wussy, your sex workers agony aunt.

– Radio B easy: whores in literature and quarantine novels.

– Community support resources digest.

Also: TV tips, pandemic puns, terrible memes, and tunes for the end of the world.

Tune in on www.radioava.org/LIVE tomorrow, Friday 10 April @ 1-2:30pm, or listen to the podcasts on https://www.mixcloud.com/avaradio/ and https://soundcloud.com/user-633481220-14145326