Radio AvA’s 46th show and our second daring experiment in making ultra DIY radio from the underbelly of virus haunted London.

We shall congregate again in various unnatural manifestations to share pandemic sex workers’ stories, tips, cheap thrills, news, analysis, and sexy disaster recipes . All to the tune of an exquisitely morbid playlist.

On this show we have:

Our last and lost jobs. TV and film reviews. Call outs and tales from Sex workers hardship funds. An interview with the Amsterdam prostitution information centre. How to make your own lub. Whores and social diseases in history. A chat with ICRSE on migrant sex workers in Europe and Covid 19. ECP news. Auntie Wussy, your sex workers agony aunt. Viral Voices from New Zealand and Spain. Wankers’ Corner. A rant about the new porn ban in France. Hos in literature. Thoughts on collective trauma. Jezebels II sex workers comedy hustle. Best pandemic meme ever.

We don’t want to talk about what plagued our internet in April. Thanks everyone for being so sweet about it.

Tune in tomorrow, Monday 11 May at 5pm on LIVE, or while away those anxious hours with the podcast posted on and our glistening new perch: