Radio AvA is for and by sex workers and allies. A cultural community space broadcasting our voices. A framework through which we can express explore and expand our talents, share our spectrum of experiences, improve our safety, vent, reflect, critique and celebrate.cropped-logo_red.jpg

Radio AvA is here for us to be heard. To debunk myths. To give non Sex Workers direct access to information and knowledge about our realities, our struggles, our demands. It is a political tool to fight intersectional oppression and stigma.

On  you’ll find Radio AvA’s free podcasts library and collaborations with sister projects.


Radio AvA is a DIY community project. Sex Workers and allies have set up a studio, built the online infrastructure and outlined the initial vision. The rest is up to you.

Active/ former Sex Workers & solid allies are invited to create and  propose content. Anything from a song or a rant through regulars slots such us news round ups, debates or a radio soap opera to a full 1 hour programme. Expressions of interest in taking on rotational editorial and production roles are also welcomed.

No radio experience is necessary. We are organising free radio skill-share workshops to learn the basics, and are supported by community radio and sound recording experts.

Radio AvA is London based, but recognizes no borders. You can be part of Radio AvA from anywhere with access to the Internet. We are well aware of the the fact that this does not mean everyone. Or everywhere. But hope to work together to bypass some of those barriers and gate keepers.

Radio AvA is named after Ava Caradonna:  a collective name allowing individuals to speak from different positions and realities as sex workers and as allies, without the stigma of using our ‘real’ names. Radio AvA will utilize similar strategies for audio representation.

*Radio AvA aims to reflect the diversity of experiences of sex workers and does not seek to promote or recommend any or induce individuals to seek employment in the sex industry. We supports full decriminalisation of sex work and end to stigma and the greater safety and rights of all sex workers. The programmes aired on radio AvA are not necessarily a reflection of the organisers’ views or policies.