The plot to make the internet even more unsafe for sex workers

They tell us to get off the streets, Airbnb, brothels, flats, clubs, windows and hotels. Those of us who can are doing their best to find remote ways to work so we don't have to risk our life seeing clients in person. But guess what? Now, in the US, a new bill is promoted which will make working and organising online, and staying in touch with loved ones, much harder, and far more dangerous. They call this EARN IT. We kid you not. Last week Hacking // Hustling (More

Our Covid19 masked show: Tomorrow, Thursday 19 March @ 3:30pm

Last month we cheered ourselves up after a super heavy Brexit survival special chatting about what will sex workers bring to the apocalypse. Freakishly, the diverting brothel game has now turned into a reality which feels like something spawned in 1980s genre fiction. So this month’s show is a bare-knuckled (cause we’re running out of gloves) group rant about how sex workers are surviving the corona pandemic. To help us all ride this out, the Avas had sensibly panic-shopped quarantine booz...

Our Bloody Brexit special show: tomorrow, Wednesday 5th Feb @ 3pm

Welcome to our 43rd show – the sex workers' Brexit survival manual. Bloody Brexit is, technically, happening. While Ava does not weep for that looted gold star, we've been in a bit of a state since the clock struck 11pm on Friday. Apart from an urge to smite all systems and individuals who brought us here and fearing to open our mouths on the train, this merry gang of hos is also beset by paralysing confusion. We really need to know what do migrant sex workers – EU citizens and ...