Our 22nd show: tomorrow, Fri 16th March @ 3pm

Spring is in the air and Ava have been a busy trollop. On this (slowly) picking show: Louise Harcourt hits the streets of Soho to find out what people know and think about current laws, armed with her book of hard facts; Sex workers swarm the roads on the 8th of March tooled up with a generator, fiercely sassy spirits, and lots of happy grinding music More

Our 20th show: tomorrow, Fri 19th January @ 5pm www.radioava.org

On the first show of 2018 radio AvA will take advantage of the low season and hostile climate to improperly launch our sex worker’s TV digest segment with penetrating reviews of series ‘The Deuce’, which portrays sex work and the early days of porn in 1970’s New York city, and the Emmy awards winning ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ based on the iconic dystopian novel by Margaret Atwood. Also featuring: The English collective of prostitutes with news round ups and reports from the US PROStitues Collective...