Our 2nd ever Glasgow show, Sat 15th June @ 5pm-8pm

Ava is overjoyed to be hosted this month by Umbrella Lane, Glasgow, under the sparkling chandeliers in their brand new den of ill repute. The banging humans assembled threaten all manners of rants, first time stories, wankers / golden clients. But we’re also gonna grind some hardcore matters, bringing you highlights from the launch of the Scottish Decrim Now campaign by Scot-PEP and Arika, a live dissection of the 'Licensing of sexual entertainment venues consultation', and an interview with ...

All 3 parts of May 2019 show are now up on https://www.mixcloud.com/avaradio/

Part 1 - Report from London Porn Film Festival, Naked Anthropologist, ECP news and Aunty Wussy Pillow: https://www.mixcloud.com/avaradio/may-2019-p1-report-from-london-porn-film-festival-naked-anthropologist-ecp-news-and-aunty-wussy-p/ Part 2 - SWARM 10th Anniversary Festival: https://www.mixcloud.com/avaradio/may-2019-p2-swarm-10th-anniversary-festival Part 3 - Age Verification, No Democracy Her...

Our 35th show, tomorrow, Fri 31st May 2pm-5pm

This month London was a nest of seriously buzzing sex workers, with not one but two independent porn films festivals and a three day sex workers conference, Ava hardly found time for actual whoring. On this show Ava brings you stinging bits from: - SWARM’s 10th anniversary festival, including creative writing and performance workshops, Sex Workers of Colour, Technology and Surveillance, and Transfeminism panels, and the banging after party. - The London Porn Film Festival: Th...

Our 3rd birthday, Live: Tomorrow, Fri 26th April @ 2pm

Three years ago, Radio AvA radio emerged, slightly distorted, into the world. Astonishingly, we’re still here, chattier then ever. Let’s celebrate together! We would have loved to have you pop in again in the flesh, but Ava has grown so much that we can hardly squeeze into our closet-studio. So, Tune in to join the party. More